Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Backlund Pilates located?

As of 2016, I closed my beloved studio Backlund Pilates, which had been based in Fulham for 20 years. I now teach private clients at a fully-equipped studio in South Kensington, West London, and occasional workshops at other studios around the country. Click here to contact me.

I feel unfit and Inflexible, is Pilates right for me?

Regardless of your current abilities (or disabilities), the Pilates technique enables you to start at any level of fitness and work towards your own personal goals, with exercises are tailored to your individual needs. Everybody has to begin somewhere, and Pilates is a great place to start as the movements are very subtle and performed gently. Different people come to the studio with very different needs. Someone who is very flexible, perhaps a dancer, may have goals very different to those of someone who is working towards rehabilitating a back injury, or those of someone who has never been very physical at all. It is important to remember that you will not be competing with anyone during your class. You will in time become more in tune with your body and will constantly be assessing your own progress, not comparing yours to that of others. Yes, Pilates is great for you if you are unfit and especially if you have limited flexibility.

How long before I notice results?

This depends greatly on what your initial expectations are and personal goals are. New students often say they feel great after their very first class, both lengthened and more in tune with their bodies. After a Pilates session you will probably feel like you have done a seriously worthwhile ‘work-out’, not because it is a vigorous session that will leave you breathless, but simply because Pilates focuses on specific muscles and muscle groups in ways which many people are not at all used to. It is recommended that Pilates be practiced several times a week over an extended period to get the best results. Shifts in mental awareness and general outlook are often noticed early on. This is great because it’s often this type of change that motivates and encourages continued efforts. If your goals are to rehabilitate after injury or streamline your physique, these specific results will become more noticeable after regular Pilates practice.

What should I expect at my Pilates session?

If it is your first class, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire and you will have an initial assessment with an instructor to discuss your physical history and determine your needs and goals. Your Pilates instructor will introduce you to all the equipment and the exercises, and monitor your technique. Over time, your technique will be improved, and your needs may change. Together with your Pilates teacher, you will be able to measure your progress.

What should I wear to exercise in?

Wear something comfortable that will enable stretching. The same type of clothing that you might wear to Yoga will be appropriate. There is a no shoes policy, so please wear clean socks or have clean feet! There is a changing room available.

Should I eat before a Pilates session?

A light snack beforehand is fine, but it’s a good idea not to eat a heavy meal directly before exercising.