Madeleine Backlund

Madeleine Backlund is an advanced Pilates instructor with over 25 years teaching experience in London. Her expertise is in remedial Pilates and she works closely with some of the most renowned osteopaths, chiropractors, and physiotherapists in London.

Madeleine’s strengths lie in her positive attitude and her unique teaching manner. Her ability to teach through demonstration and clear communication reflects her understanding that it is of benefit to the client to develop a solid understanding of the technique rather than just ‘learn the moves’.

A main philosophy is that the client reaps the most benefits of Pilates when both mat work and equipment work are combined. Clients are taught on a one-to-one basis, where exercises are tailored to individual needs and abilities. Madeleine hopes to create a calm, uplifting and encouraging atmosphere in the practice environment.

Madeleine also has a passion for health and living a holistic lifestyle, and is a qualified nutritionist.

Pilates Background

Madeleine was first introduced to Pilates while living in the USA in the early 1980’s. She later became a keen client of Alan Herdman for seven years before training to become a Pilates instructor in 1990.

Through Pilates Madeleine developed a deeper understanding of the body and movement, whilst getting strong and more balanced, both physically and mentally. These results, combined with her feeling that modern culture often neglected many of the body awareness principles taught in Pilates, inspired her to want to teach and share the method.

Her first studio in Harley Street (Harley Street Pilates) was established in 1994 and Madeleine became well known for all her remedial work. The studio, ultimately called Backlund Pilates, thrived successfully in Fulham, West London, for 20 years, maintaining a dedicated and loyal client base, many attending since she first started teaching in 1993, following her to the various locations. Backlund Pilates was a highly respected studio, known for it’s comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training courses. In 2016 Madeleine closed the studio, and now focuses on teaching private clients and teaching workshops.