Pilates for Injury Rehabilitation

Do you have strength or flexibility limitations, chronic discomfort or pain? Whether the result of injury, or unhealthy posture or movement patterns, a well designed Pilates program can help. I specialize in injury prevention and rehabilitation, and have lots of experience working with a myriad of issues. Once you have permission from your osteopath or physio, we can start your training!

I provide intelligent exercise programs that focus on reducing discomfort, restoring strength, mobility and flexibility; an individualized Pilates exercises program for each client. Pilates is effective in rehabilitation therapy because its focus on controlled movements and breathing can greatly ease pain, stiffness, and rigid joints.

Pilates is also a popular choice for rehabilitation therapy because it is very versatile. Almost any move can be adjusted for the needs of the patient. I specialize in mobilization of all the systems of the body, retraining functional patterns, and individualized exercise prescription.

I have been teaching Pilates for over 20 years and also have a Level 4 certificate in Exercise for The Management of Low Back Pain (QCF).