Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates

The Pilates method encompasses excellent antenatal and postnatal repertoire. Read the testimonials below from clients who extol the benefits of Pilates leading up to their birth, and postpartum. Pregnant clients, or those who have had unusual complications during birth or afterwards, are required to consult their doctor before undertaking any exercise regime, but once we have the “OK”, we can get started on a tailor-made program to get you fit, comfortable, and strong, both during pregnancy and after childbirth!

Client Testimonials

“Six months after having my first baby, I really felt that I needed some extra help to get me back into shape. I was introduced to Pilates in January of 2002, and was told by a girlfriend; “Do it twice a week, stick to it religiously and you will get great results”.

The girls at Madeleine’s studio have been great. Every session is tailored around your particular weaknesses and requirements. Within 6 months I was seeing really fantastic results; my body was toned and the dreaded middle was really getting toned and strong… Then I found out I was pregnant again!

This time I continued Pilates throughout my pregnancy, which really helped me to keep supple and toned. After my second baby I was back in shape within weeks. Pilates now is a lifestyle choice as it makes me feel great and has given me a strong and toned body. I highly recommend Backlund Pilates.”

Mrs N Walker

“I started Pilates in Madeleine’s studio after the birth of my third child in 2000. I soon realized it was a wonderful exercise to strengthen all the internal muscles. I continued to do Pilates throughout my fourth pregnancy in 2002. I recovered my shape much quicker after the birth of my fourth child than than with any of the previous pregnancies. No doubt thanks to Pilates! Strongly recommended!

Mrs R Rose

“From beginning, to the end, and after my pregnancy, Pilates has been a fantastic investment of my time. It has made my body feel stronger and tighter and learning to breath through the exercises has relaxed me. The birth of my daughter was a wonderful experience. I was fit and my strengthened muscles enabled my body to cope well with the birth.

The hard but rewarding work started after my pregnancy! I have been guided through a series of exercises to tone all areas of my body especially my stomach! I will definitely continue this way of exercising. I think a lot of my success has come through the teaching at Backlund Pilates Studio.The teachers are professional, motivating, inspiring and friendly.”

Mrs V Hyne

“I have been taking Pilates classes regularly for the past 15 months at Backlund Pilates Studio in Fulham and continue to find it very helpful. I am currently just over 6 months pregnant and I have been very impressed with Madeleine and her team during my pregnancy. They clearly know what exercise are appropriate for pregnant women and I am entirely confident that they would not put neither me or my baby at risk. They have tailored the exercises to try and develop the parts of my body that will come under the most strain before, during and after the baby’s birth. I have, to date suffered none of the “ailments” that are common in pregnancy, like back ache for example. Given that I suffer from reasonable acute hyper mobility I am sure that Pilates has been an invaluable contribution to what has been a trouble free pregnancy to date.”

Mrs S Graham